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The Sea Cadets on Long Island

The USS Peterson

The LST Harlan County

From the USS Pierce to the USS Franklin to the USS Peterson ~
It didn't take long for a community as rich in maritime tradition as long Island, to eagerly establish their first Sea Cadet division soon after the organization now know as the "US Naval Sea Cadets" became a reality. The USS John R. Pierce Division held it's first drill at the Navy and Marine Corps Reserve Training Center located on Huntington Harbor in 1966. In the mid-1980s, when the reserve center closed it doors for the last time, the Sea Cadets moved it's command to the Veteran's Medical Administration Center in Northport where it remains active today.
From George Hollat to Harlan County~
Throughout the years, the Long Island Sea Cadets have changed the division name as their namesake ship became decommissioned and an active ship was adopted as a new namesake. In 1975, LT Gordon Peckham, an officer with the Franklin Division, formed a Seabee Battalion for the children of the active duty personnel stationed at the reserve center. The battalion was commissioned "George Hollat" who was the youngest US Navy seaman to ever receive the Navy medal of honor. They continued to drill until the closing of the reserve center, The battalion merged with the USS Franklin Division. "George Hollat" was adopted for the newly formed Navy League Cadet Corps, which was established to meet the needs of youth ages 11 to 13. In the late 1980s, the younger Navy League Cadets Division adopted the name of the USS Harlan County.
From Notorious to Noteworthy~
1968: The Pierce Division was awarded possession of a wooden craft seized by the US Coast Guard from the notorious mobster "Al Capone". The boat had deteriorated over the years in the Washington Navy Yard. When the CO of the Pierce Division, LCDR McQuade, arrived in Washington and inspected the boat, he immediately called for one of the Pierce's cadets, an accomplished mechanic (even at the age of 15) to be transported to Washington to assist in the restoration of the vessel. The mission was a success and the boat was brought back to Long Island to serve as a training vessel for the division. It was rechristened the "John R. Pierce II"
~PS... that 15 year old cadet is presently the commanding officer of the Peterson Division.

1998: The Peterson Division receives a meritorious commendation from the Department of the Navy for it's assistance following the aftermath of the crash of Flight 800 off the south shore of Long Island. Cadets were on hand to control and direct traffic and assist with courtesy accommodations.

Both our NSCC & NLCC divisions have been granted permission to adopt the names of United States Navy Ships.
 The USS Peterson (DD 969)
is an actively commissioned destroyer based in Norfolk, Virginia. You can learn more about our namesake by visiting the Peterson's home page
The USS Peterson (DD 969)
Peterson's Coat-of-Arms

 The Harlan County (LST 1196)
commissioned in 1972, was the eighteenth ship of the twenty ship Newport tank landing ship class, which replaced the traditional bow door design LST. Tank Landing Ships were designed to sail to the site of amphibious operations carrying equipment, cargo and troops. LST crews offloaded troops and supporting equipment by beaching the ship directly onto the beachhead in support of an amphibious invasion. Since 1955 all LSTs are named for counties in the United States. In 1998, the Harlan County was leased to Spain. You can learn more about LSTs at NavSource Online and by visiting the Harlan County's fact page at the Navy Vessel Register
The Barbour County (LST 1195) ~ an LST of the same class as the Harlan County