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"The NSCC is federally incorporated by Congress under Public Law 87-655 as a non-profit civilian education organization.
"The purpose of the NSCC is:
"...through organization and cooperation with the Department of the Navy, to encourage and aid American youth to develop, train them in seagoing skills, and to teach them patriotism, courage, self-reliance and kindred virtues."
"The basic objectives of the NSCC, are:
(1) to help young Americans become more patriotic and responsible citizens, and
(2) to help young Americans understand the role of the maritime services in national defense and in maintaining the economic viability of our nation."
excerpts from "About Sea Cadets: History"

The Sea Cadets have the opportunity for advanced training after successful completion of a two week recruit training at a military installation. Trainings at Naval and Coast Guard bases may include; Amphibious Operations, Aviation, Firefighting, Foreign Exchanges, Master-at-Arms, Medical Training, Mountain Survival, Music School, Petty Officer Leadership Academy, Port Operations, Seamanship Training, Shipboard Training, Seabees, SEAL Training and Submarine Seminars.

The Navy League Cadet Corps is a program specially designed for younger boys and girls from ages 11 to 13. They train and participate in most of the activities along side the older Navy Sea Cadets. They wear modified Navy uniforms and can earn promotions and rank advancements. They can attend a one week Navy League Boot Camp (NLCC Orientation) during the summer. Upon completion of the NLCC program, a Navy Leaguer can advance to the regular Naval Sea Cadet program at a higher rank than a new Sea Cadet recruit.

We welcome new applicants to both the Naval Sea Cadet program for youths ages 13 to 18 and the Navy League Cadet program for youths ages 11 to 13. Our monthly drills take place at the Veterans Administration Medical Center located in Northport, Suffolk County, New York. We encourage prospective applicants to learn more about our program by visiting us on one of our drill dates accompanied by their parent or guardian. At this time, you will receive information regarding criteria for joining, uniforms, participation expectations, application forms and  registration fees.  We do not accept applications via telephone, e-mail or postal mail.

If you would like to locate a Sea Cadet unit in the New York City/Long Island area;
click on this Link: Empire Region Unit Locator  
or visit the National Unit Locator by clicking on this link: USNSCC Unit Locator

Our monthly drills take place at:
Veterans Administration Medical Center, Building 5, Northport, NY 11768
     Our next monthly drill is listed on our calendar at: P.O.D. - 2001
You can leave a message on our office answering machine at:
(631) 262-0071
For further information, please contact:
LT Robert R. Del Gatto, Commanding Officer;
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